We sat in our meeting trying to figure out our schedule. I felt we just needed something a little more. I felt some magic or an illusionist would be great. I put my job on the line by doing some serious convincing and boy did you come through.

Ron Vita - VHA Medical Conference

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Benjamin Corey offers a variety of illusions and entertainment experiences designed to produce the most creative, innovative, and captivating entertainment experiences for your guests. The proof of his effect on corporate audiences will be heard in the applause given, the laughter shared, and the buzz among your guests.

Programs are fully customizable for corporate events of all sizes. Shows can incorporate your event themes and messaging to meet your event objectives while wowing your guests with top quality magic and illusions.

Booking is simple and seamless. From initial contact to your guests joyous applause, Benjamin Corey is the perfect entertainment choice to turn your next corporate entertainment function into an event to remember.

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